Add Receipts to Speedy Rewards Account

Forget to swipe your card rewards card at Speedway? Bummer… don’t miss out on great freebies and rewards points. There are a couple of ways to get your receipts added.

In the past you could upload receipts via the speedy rewards website. Thats no longer the case, as the cheaters ruined that for everyone…(I know right, the few always seem to ruin things for the rest of us), as uploading a receipt only took a few seconds on the web. ¬†For now, here are your options.

  • Ask The Manager — The manager at your Speedway location can take your account information (speedy card number) and upload your transaction. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this method, as your reward points aren’t necessarily their priority. You’re depending on someone else to do something that they may never get around to doing. If you do choose this route, make sure to get a duplicate receipt so that you can follow-up on your request.
  • Speedy Customer Care — Speedy Customer Service (800 643 1948) will gladly add your receipt if you give them a call. You’ll need your speedy rewards account information, and your receipt details (transaction number, date, and store number).

The process is fairly painless, and only takes a few minutes. You can verify your points balance immediately via the website or speedy rewards mobile app. Speedway offers great discounts on gas, food and various other great gift cards. Its worth it to get your points!