Free Stuff to Sell on eBay

Casual eBay sellers aren’t usually on the look-out for items to sell, but if eBay is part of your part-time income, then free is always good. Once your garage is free of  the extra clutter that you’ve sold, it can be difficult to find more items to sell.  There is no such thing as a free lunch and it usually takes money to make money. If you want to find items to sell free or on the cheap, here are a few options to consider.

Garage Sales  If you have the patience, you can find some great deals at yard or other garage sales. You probably won’t find anything for free, but you certainly might find some things for cheap.

F.A.R. items  or FREE AFTER REBATE are items that you purchase in retail stores that essentially end up costing you nothing. You might have to go through the trouble of waiting for a rebate, but your merchandise will be free. This is a favorite because it’s very easy to add to your inventory for free, or at little cost. Rebated items can really help you put pure profit on your bottom line.

Dollar Store Bargains  Dollar Store items arent necessarily free, but they are almost free. Whether it’s Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Everything’s a Dollar, these types of stores can help you find ebay inventory.  Focus on items that have a fast turn over, with 200-300% profit margin. Make sure that you are able to keep your shipping cost under control, so nothing too heavy.

Consignment Selling  Consignment selling may work for you if you know friend or family that need items sold. Sell for them at pre-determined commission rates, and it can work out pretty good. With consignment selling, your money isn’t tied up in inventory, so its basically list and ship.  Your reputation does depend on the items that you sell, so make sure to do a quality check on any items that come to you for consignment. When calculating your commission, factor in: listing fees (if any), paypal fees, final value fees and the cost to ship and pack.
Manufacturers Coupons  can be an easy profit stream for you if done correctly. Your local Sunday newspaper is probably filled with coupons for premium dog and cat foods, as well as diaper and baby food coupons. You can also sign up to receive cigarette coupons by mail, and cig coupons sell for good prices.  Coupons are cheap to ship, and can help you build good, fast and positive seller feedback.